Jehan Abdulkarim has a long untamed passion for creating beauty.

Both her mother and grandfather are veteran photographers and Jehan began her journey with photography at an early age. Her grandfather gifted her a Canon A1 camera on her 16th Birthday.

In order to establish her independency, Jehan joined the corporate IT world and held senior roles at world-class multinationals. She was a successful corporate citizen, yet she yearned for her love of Arts and Photography.

In 2005, Jehan embarked on an initiative to help teenagers and parents fight Anorexia and Bulimia. Local schools and support groups supported the initiative to sustain good self-confidence when faced with the barrage of influencing fashion media. Jehan did numerous lectures, drawing on her experience in the fashion industry, to shed the light on reality vs. photo-manipulation artistry.

Jehan is also a campaigner for victims of domestic abuse, and people trafficking. She volunteers her time and skills towards local philanthropic societies who aid in their protection.

Jehan’s personal challenge is to create a visual voice for those seeking a better world.